Working Papers

RITIM Working Papers present results of case studies, conceptual work, reviews, and research projects undertaken by RITIM researchers as well as others working on the marketing, behavioral, organizational, and strategic aspects of telecommunications and other information-related industries. Some of the Working Papers are eventually published in scholarly journals. Since the lead time for review and publication for such journals is generally quite long, RITIM Working Papers provide convenient and timely access to the research work being done at RITIM and elsewhere.

You are welcome to read and download for your personal use any of the RITIM Working Papers connected to this page. It should be understood, however, that this material is the copyrighted property of its authors and may not be used without the expressed consent of those authors. If the paper you would like is not yet availble on this server, it will be soon. If you would like to request a hard copy or more information, contact us.





1986 to 1999

Older work (1986 to 1999) is stored in the Archives.