This Mortgage Calculator has been created as part of RITIM school project to demonstrate the security and power of server side calculation processing as opposed to end user's browser calculations. The mortgage calculator is very easy to use. It will determine your mortgage loan amount and monthly mortgage payments. All you have to do is enter either your mortgage loan amount or your monthly mortgage payments and the calculator will produce the mortgage amortization table.  Make sure you utilize all the available FREE mortgage tools to the full extent since before closing a mortgage loan all possible mortgage loan scenarios need to be calculated with a mortgage calculator.
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Amortization CALCULATOR

To calculate monthly payments, enter your loan amount and current interest rate.
To calculate loan amount, enter your monthly payment amount and current interest rate.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Payment
$ % $
Loan Period (Years) Points Starting On
   Month:         Year:   
Prepayment Amount
Term Starting On
$ Month:         Year:   

Use this mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly mortgage repayment of borrowed principal and interest incurred for a given time period and interest rate. The assumption of this mortgage calculator is that the regular payments (consisting of principal and interest) are the same, and that the first installment is due one payment interval after the borrowing date. There may be one balloon payment which is assumed to occur one payment interval after the final regular payment.


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